5 Tips for Preparing for a Quick Getaway


I wanted to share some of the tips I swear by when I'm preparing for a quick weekend getaway. I usually fly carryon when going away for a short period of time.  Through the years I've picked up on some of best tools to help your traveling less of a headache.  

  • Packing- Pack Light! When packing for your flight, place the shoes, fragile  and other heavy items in your luggage first(picked this up from Rachel Zoes- Style A to Zoe). Be sure to place your shoes in dust bags & other fragile pieces inside garment bags for added protection!  I usually make great use of my Mesh Laundry Bags- they don't take up too much space & are perfect for throwing my intimate items in. 
  • Outfit for Airport- Dress comfortably and light weight for flights. This is the perfect time to throw on some classic Air Max(I'm not one of those girls who wear heels in the airport) , paired with a chic outfit you can dress up or down as soon you land- I usually opt for a chic, street wear look that usually dries well & doesn't wrinkle. Lastly, I never fly withour a pair of big sunglasses. 
  • TSA Pre Check- Invest in TSA Precheck! There is nothing worse than waiting in long security lines. With TSA Pre Check you speed through security and dont have to remove the typical items you remove going through normal security such as: shoes, laptops, & light jackets. For an even added luxury cop our Exquisitely Chosen Travel Wallet. Everything you'll need to go through security in a breeze and throughout your getaway. 
  • Tote Bag or Book Bag - Plan to carry a tote or a book bag! A great big tote is the perfect accessory to toss everything in you'll need for your trip! Your makeup, scarfs, sweaters, sunglasses, everything should be able to fit in a great stylish bag. Fellas, a nice masculine book bag reflecting your style is perfect to throw in all your miscellaneous items as well. 
  • Checklist- Following a checklist can help you prep to make sure that nothing is forgotten. Checking those things off your list, one by one, will ensure your equipped with all your necesessities for your next trip. 

What are some of the tips you swear by when prepping for a quick getaway? Comment below and let us know!

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